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Koi Pond Filter systems - Trickle Towers and Protein Skimmers

At Koi Water Garden, we are able to offer competitive prices on not only high quality Koi, but also on Koi related goods such as complete pond filter systems, Trickle Towers and Protein skimmers. Here you will find the widest range of filter systems available today, and all at competitive prices!


last updated 22nd May 2022

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Special package prices


Interested in any Filter + pump, + UV and Air pump ? Special package prices are available - the more you buy the better the component prices become! Ring or email for package prices.


Trickle Tower Filtration

The principle or trickle tower filtration is well documented, and trickle towers are without doubt the most efficient conventional biological filters available today. Water is pumped up to the top of the chamber(s) where it is dispersed via a spray bar over a tray of media. The water percolates through the given media and then trickles down to the next tray of media where the process is repeated until the water returns by gravity into the main filter system or pond. The super efficiency of trickle tower filtration relates to the fact that the media used is not submerged but simply kept wet by the constant flow or trickle of pond water over it. This enable the nitrifying bacteria to multiple far more quickly than with a conventional filter because the media is effectively saturated with oxygen since it is not submerged. This provides the nitrifying bacteria with an abundant oxygen supply so the biomass establishes more quickly, and is much larger and more efficient than with conventional biological filtration. Trickle towers mature quickly and as well as removing Ammonia and Nitrite, remove Nitrate as well as the huge oxygen supply enables some of the Nitrate to be ultimately converted to Nitrogen gas. Any good biological media can be used in trickle towers but favourites are Japanese matting and polypropylene medias as both are very light weight medias and easy to keep clean. Below you will see a choice of the very best units on the market.



Standard Trickle Tower/Shower.


This super multi tier trickle tower is made from robust polypropylene, with a welded construction, and comes complete with a 2" spray bar assembly, lid and weir exit shute. As standard it is supplied in a three tier configuration, but more tiers can be added if required.


Dimensions 1 metre wide x 1 metre high (with three trays) and 25cm deep.


Supplied with perforated media trays to hold your chosen media. We recommend Japanese matting as it is so light and easy to clean when necessary and super efficient.


This represents fantastic value for money, being less than half the cost of some trickle towers of similar capacity.


Carriage from £19.95 dependent on Post code.

Trickle Tower  Price  Buy
Three Tray complete with lid, weir and spray bar  £595.00
Trickle Tower Shower

Above: Three tray trickle tower shown without lid.



Red Lable Aquaking Showers

The Red Labbel Aquaking range of trickle towers/Showers feature two 4 tray systems, one smaller unit, one larger unit. The smaller unit has a single spray bar whilst the larger has two. The units come complete with a 2" spray bar assembly, lid and weir exit shute. As standard they are supplied in a four tier configuration.


Dimensions: Smaller unit - 66.5cm wide x 94.2cm high and 32cm deep. Large unit: 100cm wide x 120cm high and 42cm deep.


Supplied with perforated media trays to hold your chosen media. We recommend Japanese matting as it is so light and easy to clean when necessary and super efficient. Other medias such as Crystal Bio ceramic media is also very good in this kind of bio-filter.


Type Price
Red Label small shower £879.95
Red Label large shower £1225.00



red lable trickle tower

Tornado 3 Protein skimmer

The latest model of the Tornado skimmer now features a ball valve for flow control and special new bio-rings for even better mix of oxygen. Thanks to the ball valve it is much easier to adjust the correct water level. Through a 4mm air connection and supplied flowmeter an air pump continuously pumps 0,5l/m (30l/h) air into the filter. This pressure ensures that the foam is pushed out of the filter through the foam outlet tube. The protein skimmer is a combination of a biological, mechanical and chemical filter. The principle works as follows: the surface of an air bubble attracts substances dissolved in water. Due to the attraction of air bubbles, chemicals, dirt particles, dyes and algae are attracted to the foam produced. Air is mixed with water by means of an air pump. By forcing this mixture through the filter material (biorings) to a lower outlet, a very long contact time between water and air is created. This changes the surface tension of the water continuously and creates a firm foam. This foam is separated from the purified water by a perforated cone and discharged. Substances dissolved in the water such as phosphates, ammonia, Humic acids, dyes, proteins and a number of heavy metals are filtered out of the water and discharged by means of the foam. 

Water inlet: 25mm, water outlet: 40mm, foam outlet: 25mm.


Type Price
Tornado 3 Protein skimmer £255.95



Tornado Protein Skimmer

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