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At Koi Water Garden, we are able to offer competitive prices on not only high quality koi, but also on koi related goods including Koi related books and DVDs.


last updated 22nd December 2020

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This fantastic new book represents a comprehensive listing of many of the famous Koi breeders of the Niigata area and was written in a question and answer format over a period of 20 years spent interviewing and visiting the breeders involved. It gives a comprehensive and fascinating insight into the history of the Koi farms, how they started breeding Koi, what varieties they have come to specialise in, and they have come to be so expert in their chosen fields.


Written by Mamoro Kodama, and produced over a 20 year period of visiting al the Koi farms in question, it is one of the most comprehensive Koi books ever written.


If you are a serious Koi keeper and really want to understand more about the production and development of Japanese Koi, just why they are the best in the world, who are the breeders and where they are located then this book is a must for you.


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Koishi Book £57.95



Koi Breeder Aoki

Above: Aoki

Koi Breeder Kaneko

Above: Kaneko

Koi Breeder Hoshikin

Above: Hoshikin

Koishi Book

Above: Koishi Book Front Cover


Above: Dainichi


Above: Ikarashi Seki


Above: Maruyo


The Koi Doctor.


By Marten Lammens - is one of the most comprehensive guides to Koi health ever written. The book covers at a very detailed level, most of the potential health issues that might be encountered with Koi.

It also describes in detail methods of prevention as well as alternative recommended treatments for most common problems. Beautifully illustrated the book is ideal for beginners as well as experienced Koi keepers.

A must have for the book shelf!



Koi Doctor £44.50

Koi Towel

Not sure what to buy for the Koi keeper in your family? Christmas or Birthday presents are always a problem - how about this beautifully embroidered Koi towel, showing pictures of some favourite Koi varieties. Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Tancho Sanke and Ki Utsuri. 1.2m x 68cm, beautifully made in Japan.

Type Value
Koi bath towel £24.95
Koi towel

DVD Niigata secrets

Visit the home of modern Nishikigoi without ever leaving the comfort of your home! This excellent DVD is packed with information about the most famous Koi destination on earth - the beautiful mountains of Niigata Prefecture in the north east of Japan Travel with the author to Niigata - the spiritual home of Koi, to bring you "Niigata Secrets". In this fascinating programme, join some of the areas finest breeders in the autumn harvest of their mud ponds. PAL only . Running time approx 130 minutes.

Lenth Price
130 minutes £22.50
DVD Niigata secrets

DVD Project Koi Pond

This programme follows a team of professional pond builders as they construct a system designed specifically to house Koi. Takes the viewer through every step of a Koi pond build from planning and design, ground works, construction, filtration and finishing and landscaping. Helps you avoid all the pitfalls and do it right - first time! PAL only. Running time approx 55 minutes.

Lenth Price
60 minutes £22.50
DVD Project Koi Pond

DVD Hands on Healthcare

Over the course of this programme Bernice Brewster, one of the UK's leading Koi experts, shows not only how to maintain a health pond and healthy Koi, but also how to both recognize and treat a parasite attack. How to recognize and treat bacterial infections and how to prevent problems before they occur. PAL only. Running time approx 60 minutes.

Lenth Price
60 minutes £22.50
DVD Hands on Healthcare

DVD Yamakoshi Trilogy

A totally unique, enthralling insiders view of the very heart of Nishikigoi culture, the movies give a comprehensive insight into the Niigata region of Japan, the home of modern Nishikigoi, and cover the greatest masters of Koi, from in depth interviews, through the breeding and culling processes and harvesting. Part 1 introduces the famous Koi breeders, part 2 concentrates on the breeding and culling process, and part 3 covers Summer mud pond growth and final harvesting of the finest Koi ever bred. PAL only. Running time approx 180 minutes.

Lenth Price
180 minutes £42.95
Yamakoshi Trilogy

DVD Everything you ever wanted to know about Koi

Keeping Koi has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the last few years. However, many people believe that a vast array of equipment and knowledge is required, together with a very deep pocket. This video will completely explode those myths, and show that a fully operational, efficient Koi pond system is within the reach of everyone. The program explains, step by step, all you need to know, and contains sections on the following:- Ideal Conditions, - Filtration, - Pond Construction,- Landscaping,- Equipment Required,- History of Koi,- Choosing and Buying Koi,- Water Quality and Pond Maintenance,- Koi Shows.

 PAL only. Running time approx 55 minutes.

Lenth Price
55 minutes £22.50
DVD Everything you wanted to know about Koi

DVD Koi Varieties

This DVD explains why and how Japanese Koi are categorised, and importantly shows various examples and discusses the merits of individual Koi. It also explains how to determine the important criteria that identify the qualities that should be sought after in each variety of Koi. Filmed at the largest Koi show in the world, the DVD shows superb examples of every classification of modern Nishikigoi. PAL only. Running time approx 50 minutes.

Lenth Price
50 minutes £23.50
DVD Koi Varieties

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