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Air pumps and related equipment

At Koi Water Garden, we are able to offer competitive prices on not only high quality koi, but also on koi related goods such as pumps, filters and other accessories.


Last updated 14th June 2024

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Why do we need air in our Koi ponds?


An adequate Oxygen supply is vital for the health of our Koi. All forms of life need and consume oxygen. This is the same in our Koi ponds and plants (including all forms of algae) , organic life and of course our Koi consume oxygen. Koi are rather special in that they need a considerable supply of oxygen in the water for their survival and well being. In fact they need a minimum of 6mg/litre of oxygen dissolved in the pond water. Our filter bacteria (and in fact all aerobic bacteria) also consume prolific amounts of oxygen which they use to oxidise Ammonia and convert this into Nitrite and then convert Nitrite into Nitrate. Filters will not work properly without an adequate oxygen supply within the media. Decaying organic matter also uses oxygen as it is converted into waste and the 'dirtier' the pond, the higher the BOD (biological oxygen demand) or requirement for oxygen.  



air in pond



Plant life consumes oxygen during the night and gives off carbon dioxide. This process is reversed during the day. The more organic load on the pond (fish, plants, decaying material) the higher the biological oxygen demand (BOD) Every life form is therefore competing for oxygen. Cold water can hold considerable amounts of dissolved oxygen. Unfortunately, during warm weather, the ability of water to hold dissolved oxygen is substantially reduced and during warm muggy, thundery days in summer, there is a real threat to the health of our Koi, especially overnight, when plant life can quickly strip the already low levels of oxygen from the water with fatal results for our Koi. It is therefore vital to top up our dissolved oxygen supply to ensure the health of our Koi and to ensure our filters continue to operate correctly. Oxygen can be supplied by waterfalls, venturis and air pumps. Waterfalls are extremely efficient at providing good aeration, but many ponds just don't have them, and even where present, many people turn them off at night, just when they are needed most. Venturis are extremely inefficient devices, only work near the surface and use a considerable amount of pump power to run, thus making the pond water pump work harder than it needs to in order to deliver the correct amount of water. Without doubt air pumps are the most efficient and cost effective way of providing adequate aeration to your Koi systems and we are pleased to be able to offer the best air pumps available today.



Secoh JDK Air Pumps


Secoh Air pumps are top quality, represent real value for money and will give years of trouble free service. Waterproof and very quiet and proven to be the most powerful air pumps available today. For example the Secoh 100 actually produces 145 litres / minute of air, and the 40 produces 60 litres of air/minute. Has won 'best pump' in just about every independent review of air pumps to date! Now the brand new JDK range have all the benefits of the existing range but with ultra low power consumption - as little as 55 watts for the JDK 80 !  Please specify the manifold that you prefer with your pump, for example 8 way x 4mm, 10 way x 4mm, two way x 6-8mm, three way 6-8mm with 3/4" manifold connector, four way 6-8mm, or single 8mm


Model Specification Price


20 Litres per minute  



40 Litres per minute  



60 Litres per minute  



80 Litres per minute  



100 Litres per minute  



120 Litres per minute  



150 Litres per minute  



200 Litres per minute  


SLL/JDK models

Diaphragm set for 40,50 models  


EL models

Diaphragm set for EL 60, 80,and 100 models  


JDK models

Diaphragm set for JDK 60,80,100 and 120 models  


JDK models

Air intake filter for all JDK models  


JDK models

Air intake filter for all EL models  


Secoh JDK air pump

Above - Secoh JDK air pump

Secoh JDK air pump

Above - Secoh JDK air Filters





Air Manifolds and accessories

Pressure relief Valves, gauges, air manifolds, connectors and non return valves. 


For all air pumps over 40 litres per minute it very important to use all the air capacity available by using all the taps on the manifolds supplied, or leaving taps open when not used to ensure that back pressure is reduced. All air pumps are generally designed to run at a maximum pressure of 1/4 bar, and exceeding this pressure can cause premature diaphragm failure (or piston wear in the case of piston pumps). Many air stones will gradually clog in use and should be changed annually. Pressure relief valves are therefore designed to protect your pump against possible damage and will indicate when air stones need changing or when airline restrictions cause too much back pressure to be present.



Pipe Size Specification Price

18 mm

Pressure relief valve  



8 way 4mm manifold with taps  



10 way 4mm manifold with taps  



2 way 8mm manifold  



single air tap with 8mm hose tail and flexible connector for direct connection to air pump



3 Way ( 2 x taps 8mm air line ) plus 18mm (3/4") extension to allow addition of further manifolds



4 Way ( 4 x taps 8mm air line ) plus 18mm (3/4") air pump connector



Non return valve for 4mm airlines (prevents water syphoning back down airline). Plastic



Non return valve for 8mm airlines (prevents water syphoning back down airline). Plastic.



Non return valve for 10mm airlines (prevents water syphoning back down airline). Plastic.



8mm Airline connectors - straight. Plastic  



8mm Airline connectors - "T" . Plastic  



8mm Airline connectors 90 deg bend . Plastic  



12mm Airline stud connector. Fits mini ball valve (used on Nexus Filters)  



12mm Mini Ball valve. (used on Nexus Filters)  



12mm Airline 90 deg bend. Fits all 12mm airlines (aas used on Nexus Filters)  



12mm Airline "Y" joint. Fits all 12mm airlines (used on Nexus Filters)  



12mm Airline "T" joint. Fits all 12mm airlines (used on Nexus Filters)  


All Airpumps.

18mm Rubber manifold for connecting air pumps to air distribution manifolds. Complete with clips  


Air manifolds

Above a choice of manifolds


12mm fittings

Above 12mm Stud amd Mini Ball valve.


12mm fittings

Above 12mm Elbows, Y and T joints.




Size Specification Price


Super soft airline per metre 



Supersoft airline 100 metre roll 



8mm PVC airline per metre for large air stones and Nexus filters 


8mm braided 

8mm Braided PVC airline per metre - no kinking and reinforced 


1/2 Inch  

1/2 Inch (12mm) PVC airline per metre 


3/4 Inch  

3/4 Inch (19mm) PVC airline per metre 


1 Inch  

1 Inch (25mm) PVC airline per metre 


 PVC Airline

Above - PVC airline


For all air pumps it very important to use all the air capacity available by using the appropriate number and size of air stones. Simple baked air stones are fine for a pond where they can be seen and checked occasionally. They will wear out and should be replaced annually. Ceramic air stones are much tougher and longer lasting and will generally produce finer bubbles. They are great for use in the pond or in the filter chambers under media as they wont wear out and providing they are in constant use will not block. They come in a range or tube or disc configurations, so there is a wide choice. Disc air stones come with a solid plastic or ceramic base and are weighted and not easily moved by the fish.


Air stones

Pipe Size Specification Price


Half Can Air stone 50mm x 50mm baked



Ceramic air stone 130mm x 30mm 4 or 8mm connection



Ceramic airstone 200mm x 50mm 8mm connection 



Ceramic airstone 300mm x 50mm 8mm connection 



Ceramic disc airstone 13cm dia 



Ceramic disc airstone 20cm dia 


air stones

Above - Smaller air stones

air stones

Above - Tube ceramic air stones




Oase AquaAir 250


The Oase AquaAir is a direct air injection pump installed in a floating stainless steel basket and is designed for larger bodies of water where installation of multiple air pumps and airlines/stones etc would be impracticable. The direct injection system utilises a powerful floating pump and venturi to inject air via a substantial bubble mass to a depth of up to four meters, thus enriching the water with oxygen. The unit is supplied with tethering cables and 30m of power cord.


Product features at a glance

  • Adjustable injector nozzle for optimal oxygen input with depth penetration to 4 m
  • High turnover rates bring standing water into life
  • Extremely long service life thanks to high-quality workmanship and stainless steel elements
  • Low noise underwater operation
  • Fastening material included in the scope of delivery
  • Optimal oxygen supply thanks to small bubbles
  • Suitable for pond surfaces up to 250 m²



Model Power Minimum water depth max pond surface area Price
AquaAir 250 650 watts 50cm min 250 Sq.M. £2199.95

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