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Ultra Violet Clarifiers and related electrical accessories

At Koi Water Garden, we are able to offer competitive prices on not only high quality koi, but also on koi related goods such as UV clarifiers, water pumps and other electrical accessories.


last updated 15th June 2022

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Ultra Violet Lamp systems



Yamitsu UV systems


Yamitsu UVs are one of the best selling UV systems and have been in production since 1990. They are manufactured from UV stabilised materials and are rugged and reliable. They are fully electronically controlled for reliability and long life - and importantly to ensure low running costs. Did you know that the average UV system using 'conventional' electro mechanical control gear consumes over four times as much electricity as an electronic model? So a conventional 30 watt UV can actually consume as much as 160 watts of power! They are easy to install with all models featuring glued hose tail connections for flexible pipe work, and 1.5" inlet/outlet ports ready to glue to solid pipe work connections too. They also come complete with mounting clamps. All models are easily serviced and control gear can be replaced if required. Still the most cost effective UV systems available.  When calculating the size of UV required, start on the basis that 10watts is required for every 1000 gallons.



Model Wattage Price
Yamitsu 15 15 £86.50
Yamitsu 30 30 £129.50
Yamitsu 55 55 £156.50
Yamitsu 110 110 £279.00
Yamitsu 220 220 £525.00
Philips long life UV bulb 15 £10.50
Philips long life UV bulb 30 £16.50
Philips long life UV bulb 55 £21.50
Quartz sleeve 15 £18.00
Quartz sleeve 30/55 £34.50

Yamitsu Electronic UV


Please note that shipping charges for UV bulbs and Quartz sleeves are £9.95 per package. These charges may not show in the shopping cart and will be applied regardless of order value or content when bulbs or quartz sleeves are included in any order. 




EVO electronic UVs


The new Evolution Aqua evoUV deliver a more efficient and more economical performance than before thanks to their new design. The new range includes completely redesigned models, a new 15 Watt and 25 Watt model perfect for use on the smaller garden pond, along with a 75 Watt version.The top end 110 Watt model is designed for ponds up to 110,000 litres. The design of these new UVs optimises flow rates and improves energy efficiency, with the sole focus to deliver optimum performance at all times to clear green water in ponds which is caused by single celled green algae. EVO UVs will work alongside many different filtration systems and are incredibly easy to install with flexible hose or solvent weld fittings and can be easily fitted within existing pipework runs. All EVO UV models come with energy efficient ballasts, all housed within a fully watertight, robust housing.



Model Wattage Max Pond size (gallons) Price
Evo 15 15 3,000 £104.99
Evo 25 25 4,400 £109.99
Evo 30 30 6,600 £155.99
Evo 55 55 12,000 £182.99
Evo 75 75 16,500 £209.99
Evo 110 110 33,000 £269.95
Philips/Osram long life UV bulb 15 £10.50
Philips/Osram UV bulb For Nexus Eazypod 18 £16.95
Philips/Osram long life UV bulb 25 £14.50
Philips/Osram long life UV bulb 30 £16.50
Philips/Osram long life UV bulb 55 £21.50
Philips long life UV bulb 75 £39.50
Quartz sleeve 15 and 25 watt £28.50
Quartz sleeve 30 and 55 watt £34.50
Quartz sleeve 75 watt £39.50
ultra violet lamp

Please note that shipping charges for UV bulbs and Quartz sleeves are £9.95 per package. These charges may not show in the shopping cart and will be applied regardless of order value when bulbs or quartz sleeves are included.




Aqua Air Amalgam submersible UV


The Amalgam Submersible UVC range is one of the most effective types of uvc available today. The Air Aqua Super UV Amalgam Submersible UV provides radiation with a wavelength of 253.7nm which is generated by the special light source UV lamp, Ensuring a lethal effect on single cell Algae and reduction in pathogenic bacteria. The UV units come in four sizes 40 watt, 55 watt, 75 watt and 105 watt sizes. The unit has a built in high frequency electronic ballast which absorbs current fluctuations and protects the lamp inside the unit. The Air Aqua UV-C Amalgam Submersible UV 40 watt has an integrated control panel which allows you to see when the lamp needs to be replaced. These units have a very high efficiency with a 13,000 hour service life, meaning that the integrated lamp/quartz should only need replacing once in every two years, rather than every six months as with conventional UV technology.


These all new Oase UV sterilisers feature :-


  •  Compact design, small footprint, only 53cm - 66cm long
  •  Reduction of harmful bacteria and pathogen level
  •  Easy installation - no plumbing necessary
  •  Electronic ballasts for low energy consumption
  •  Visual function check of the UVC bulb
  •  The ability to be mounted vertically as well as horizontally
  •  Easy installation in any suitable housing
  •  Very long lamp life - 13,0000 hours


  *** Warning - UV lamps MUST be installed where they cannot be seen/viewed with the naked eye when running. UV light is extremely harmful to the human eye and lamps MUST be shielded from view at all times ***

Model Wattage Max Pond size (gallons) Price
Amalgam 40 40 4,000 £290.50
Amalgam 55 55 5,500 £305.00
Amalgam 75 75 7,500 £319.50
Amalgam 105 105 10,500 £349.00
40 watt UV lamp/quartz 40 £145.50
55 watt UV lamp/quartz 55 £157.50
75 watt UV lamp/quartz 75 £167.50
105 watt UV lamp/quartz 105 £199.50
Submersible Ultra violet lamp

Please note that shipping charges for UV bulbs and Quartz sleeves are £9.95 per package. These charges may not show in the shopping cart and will be applied regardless of order value when bulbs or quartz sleeves are included.

Powersafe Switch boxes and cable joiners

Ensure your electrics are professionally completed and safe. Water and electricity don't mix!


Cable connectors and switch boxes are IP rated for peace of mind. The multi way connector allows you to connect 3 devices to one supply.


Powersafe switch boxes are rated at 1 x 1kw connection and 2 , 3 or 4 at 500watts. All individually fused with power on indicator light and individually coloured inputs and on/off switches.


The Powersafe range (see right) are IP 56 rated, have power on, standby and power off illumination for each circuit, and are very rugged and simple to wire owing to the comprehensive installation and wiring instructions supplied. They also come complete with a range of pre-printed labels for each circuit and spare fuses.


The Aquasafe cable connector is an ideal underwater waterproof connector for all pond electrics:-


  • Polycarbonate body
  • Tested to IP68, at 2 bar
  • Joins cables from 5mm - 9mm
  • Cost effective
  • Quick connect and release with a snap lock collar
  • More reliable than screw-thread connectors
  • Active latch mechanism for quicker wiring 


Product Price
Aquasafe Waterproof Cable connector £19.95
3 Way Powersafe switch box £48.50
4 Way Powersafe switch box £62.50
5 Way Powersafe switch box £82.50
  Powersafe switch box

Above: Powersafe four way switch box.

Waterproof cable connector

Above: Aquasafe underwater cable connector

Matsuko intelligent Switch boxes


The new Matsuko Switch Box range gives you five lines for five different devices with a stylish, but simple on and off button giving you full control over your electrical pond products. These Switch Boxes are great for controlling multiple pond, garden and aquarium appliances, each outlet will take appliances of up to 1500 watts per line and a maximum load of 3000 watts.

The unit is fully versatile outdoors being extremely durable and waterproof, complies with at least IP56 (to IP66 dependent upon installation method).


    New Features include
  • New quick release electrical terminal blocks
  • New position for the terminal blocks for easier connections
  • New improved electronics


The Programmable Switch box is equipped with a 5-way programmable Timer.  Each device connected can be individually programmed to turn on or off 5 times per day.


The top of the range Switch Box Timer + Pump guard also has the added bonus of PumpGuard and a power consumption monitor.


What is PumpGuard?   PumpGuard is patent pending, smart technology that helps to avoid possible disasters occurring when your pump blocks or overloads.


Line 1 on every Matsuko Switch Box Timer + PG is set to automatically learn how the new pump behaves when it is first connected and turned on through the timer. The PumpGuard will run the pump at different power levels for a twenty-minute period until it understands its normal operation, once this has been learnt the PumpGuard goes into monitoring mode.


Product Price
Matsuko 5 way switch box £109.95
Matsuko 5 way Programmable switch box £149.95
Matsuko 5 way Programmable switch box with Pump Guard £199.95



Matsuko Switch Box Timer + PG also features a power consumption monitor.


In this situation PumpGuard sounds a stop alarm (the signal for a pump failure alarm is a fast beeping sound plus a red LED on line one) and the display shows “pump fail“.

The digital display on the Pumpguard screen gives two electrical consumption readings. The Switch Box Timer + PG gives a constant reading on line 1.


The second reading on the screen shows a total consumption of all the lines being used by all the devices on the Switch Box through lines 1 – 5. To get a reading for an individual line simply switch off every line you do not want to monitor. The consumption monitor gives an indicative reading with an accuracy of +/-5%.


PumpGuard will monitor the pump all day everyday looking out for signs of overloading or cutting out. A pump that constantly keeps restarting can easily burn itself out.


PumpGuard detects this situation and will run the pump on a lower intensity programme to see if this will correct the problem. If a solution cannot be found, PumpGuard will disconnect the power and save your pump from damaging itself further. 

Matsuko Switch box

Above: Matsuko 5 way switch box

Matsuko Switch box

Above: Matsuko 5 way Programmable switch box.

Matsuko Switch box

Above: Matsuko 5 way Programmable switch box with Pump guard





Pro-Line Automatic Water Top up Kit 

This auto-top up kit is purchased as a complete kit - ready to go and features a float switch already linked to a weatherproofed motorised solenoid valve. The float switch can be mounted using a 1.5" bracket on to any convenient point, such as the pond wall or inside the filter chamber. Supplied complete with click hose fittings




Product Price
New Pro-Line Auto Top up kit £299.95
 Pro-Line digital automatic water top up system

Oase Pumpguard Automatic Water Top up Kit 

The Oase auto top up system is a top quality product. Features an electronic controller wired to a double probed sensor linked to the controller and motorised solenoid valve. The level sensor is designed to be mounted on the pond wall or inside a suitable filter chamber.




Product Price
Oase Pumpguard Auto Top up kit £429.95
 Oase Pumpguard




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