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last updated 27th March 2019
Hi Everyone,


Final Update for 27th March 


We now have received the formal 'All Clear' from Cefas confirming that our site is disease free and allowing us to import/export new shipments of Koi.



So our first shipment of the season will be four to five hunderd Tosai from various prefectures/farms in Japan and is scheduled to arrive middle of next week. Exact dates will be posted shortly. Then our next visit to Japan commences 10th April and we will be visiting Niigata, Isawa, Shizuoka, Nagoya and Hiroshima areas looking for Jumbo Tosai, Taeshita, Nisai and more Sansai. Cant wait!





Hi Everyone,


Latest news from 17th February 


We have now fully disinfected the affected pond systems under Cefas supervision. In addition, filter systems have been emptied, dismantled and disinfected as separate units and then completely re-assembled and the entire pond systems disinfected again whilst running with a 10 x dose of Virkon Aquatic.


The ponds have then been drained down and pressure washed before refilling. All filter media has been replaced - a pretty thorough Spring clean!


We are now in a position to re-stock.


And....very much looking forward to the forthcoming season and our next visit to Japan in April. Once again a huge thank you to all of our customers for their support, patience and understanding. We are now back in business!





Hi Everyone,


Latest news from 31st January 


Following on from the discovery of KHV in two of our ponds, all of the suspect Koi have now been culled.


We have also now had further tests carried out by CEFAS on a random selection of Koi from the other stock ponds and happily these have proved negative for KHV so we can now be absolutely sure we are free of the disease and move forward.


The affected ponds are now to be fully disinfected and cleaned down, drained and refilled, then scrubbed down again using Virkon. All filter media in these systems is being replaced.


We can then re-stock them.


We would once again like to take this opportunity of thanking all of you who have decided to reserve alternative Koi to replace those originally reserved with us - this is very much appreciated and helps us enormously.


Also thanks to those who have left their deposits with us to find the Koi they wanted when we next go back to Japan. We can now confirm that we will be back in Japan on 10th April and visiting Hiroshima as well as Isawa and Niigata so we will do our very best to find replacement specimen Koi for those of you who wanted particular Koi.


Spring is the premier time for Jumbo Tosai so we will be looking for great examples in a number of varieties as well as more Nisai to replace some of our losses.


Meanwhile we have been busy constructing two new ponds, details of which will be posted on our website in the form of a pond build project - oh and I almost forgot - in Mid March we will be releasing for sale a limited number of larger Tosai which we purchased in November and have been kept under wraps to grow on for the Spring.


These are high grade Asagi, the newest variety to come out of Japan, the Kirin, and a selection of super Tancho Sanke. All priced at £95 - these are some super smaller Koi.





Hi Everyone,

News from 9th January 

Firstly happy new year to you all. 


Unfortunately we have to bring some sad news for the new year - we have had to extend our quarantine period due to the suspicion of a disease issue in one of our stock ponds and testing has been carried out just before the Christmas break to determine the possible culprit.


Sadly this has now been confirmed as KHV given to us free of charge by one breeder in Niigata.


This means that all of the Koi in the affected stock pond are being culled, along with, regrettably all of the Koi in our main sold pond, as some of the Koi from this breeder had been sold and were housed in this pond. As most of you who know anything about KHV will appreciate, it has no cure so no risks can be taken with cross infection from one Koi to another and therefore following CEFAS guidelines all Koi which could have potentially come into contact with an infected Koi must be put down and the pond in question cleaned and disinfected before it can be restocked.


I know will be very disappointing to those of you who reserved Koi with us from the new shipments and for whom, in many cases we searched long and hard to find just the Koi you were looking for. Its also of course pretty painful financially as we can get no compensation from the breeder in question. He is definitely not on our Christmas card list next year!


However, this is why we, like all responsible Koi dealers, quarantine according to strict and audited bio-security measures approved by CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science), and its exactly this kind of issue that the quarantine procedures are designed to stop before any Koi is allowed off the premises and into customers ponds. We follow our approved bio-security plan very carefully and it is this alone which helps not only limit any possible spread of the disease on-site but ensures the safety and security of customers own ponds.


Fortunately, not all of the reserved Koi were in one pond - these were spread over three ponds, so some of the sold Koi are unaffected. Please contact us for more information.


We will of course be refunding all relevant deposits taken from affected customers or we can exchange your Koi for another but we will be happy to provide more details to those of you who wish to contact us.


On the brighter side, 7 of our 10 ponds are unaffected and healthy and we will therefore still have some substantial stocks to offer customers , in most sizes, from the latest shipments as well as from earlier ones. Some of you have already indicated you will be happy to 'exchange' your original purchase for a different Koi, as of course we still have multiple examples of particular varieties in many cases and we sincerely thank those of you who have already taken this route for your continued support.


We would also like to take this opportunity of thanking all of you who have contacted us with messages of support - this is very much appreciated.


We realise you may have many questions - so for more information on the subject of KHV please visit the Cefas information page here at CEFAS KHV information and updates


If you are doing your own research on the subject - PLEASE use the official Cefas site where you will find all the factual information you need to know about the disease and the current status in the UK. PLEASE don't be influenced by what you may see or read on blogs or Facebook - which is mostly gossip, rumour and speculation by those who simply are not in possession of the facts!


We have certainly learnt lessons from what has happened to us, the main one to try to keep all of any particular breeders Koi in one pond, and to keep each separate breeders fish in different ponds as much as possible in order to limit damage in any proven outbreak of disease. So the old way of keeping a common sold pond wont be used in future - sold fish will stay in their original pond until at least the end of quarantine. 20 20 hindsight is a wonderful thing!


We look forward to a better Spring and Summer and are determined to move forward into the new season on a positive note, and to put these problems behind us as soon as possible and restock as necessary and we look forward to working with you all again.


Kind Regards


Malcolm Green